IVF Diary #1: Why we need fertility treatment

  When Jules Furness, a UK based videographer and editor and mum to two-year old Josh, decided to undergo fertility treatment, she decided to share her journey in a series of Vlogs.

Our IVF story: the single woman

When Kirsten turned 30 she decided she wanted to be a mum. She hadn’t met Mr Right yet so after saving to put herself in a comfortable financial position, Kirsten made the decision to become a single mum. With the support of her family she accessed the donor program at IVF Australia… 

Our IVF story: the same sex couple

After 11 years together working and travelling, Tracey and Bronwyn decided it was time to start their family. After accessing IVF Australia’s donor program for treatment with donor sperm and IVF they welcomed baby Jackson into the world…